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Fabulous Freedom! Fabulous Fun! Fabulous Escape! Let’s go on a road trip and enjoy the fascinating weekend getaway and sceneries around Kenya

Symphony Hotel Naivasha Kshs 2,960 Bed &Breakfast
Lake Naivasha Resort Naivasha Kshs 6,960

Kshs 10,960

Bed& Breakfast
Full Board
Lake Naivasha Kongoni Lodge Naivasha Kshs 5,960 Full Board
Burch’s Resort Naivasha Kshs 6,960 Full Board
Great Rift valley Lodge Naivasha Kshs 12,160 Full Board
Lake Nakuru Sopa Lodge Nakuru Kshs 10,460 Full Board
The Cliff Nakuru Kshs 18,710 Full Board
Lerruat Log Resort Kajiado Kshs 7,710 Half Board
Masai Lodge Kajiado Kshs 4,960 Bed & Breakfast
Servile Resort Lake Elementita Lake Elementaita Kshs 5,710 Full Board
Lake Elemtaita Country Lodge Lake Elementaita Kshs 7,460 Full Board
Lake Elementaita Serena Lodge Lake Elementaita Kshs 16,960 Full Board
Sportsman’s Arms Hotel Nanyuki Kshs 6,560 Full Board
Mutara Camp Nanyuki Kshs 8,460 Full Board
Maiyan Luxury Vilas Nanyuki Kshs 13,860 Full Board
Serena Sweet Waters Nanyuki Kshs 14,760 Half Bord
Morani Wing Nanyuki Kshs 16,260 Half Board
Ark Lodge Aberdare Kshs 10,200 Full Board
Aberdare Country Club Aberdare Kshs 10,110 Full Board
Tafaria Castle and Country Lodge Nyeri Kshs 9,960 Full Board
Sagana Getaway Sagana Kshs 9,560 Full Board
The White Rhino Hotel Nyeri Kshs 9,960 Full Board
Lukenya Getaway Lukenya Kshs 8,560 Full Board

Day 1

Trip Costs


  • Preferred hotel accommodation
  • Meals on Bed and Breakfast
  • Complementary


  • Excursions
  • Drinks
  • Transport

Site Attractions

  • Crescent Island Game Sanctuary
  • View Point Lake Naivasha
  • Nakuru National Park
  • Baboon Cliff View Point
  • Hyrax Hill Museum
  • Ngare Ndare Forest
  • Olpejeta Conservancy
  • Maasai Ostrich Farm


Trip Essentials

  • Camera
  • Sun Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip gloss
  • Binoculars
  • Sun Glasses