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Helping people and companies travel smart and achieve more.


Be the world’s most credible and innovative travel agency company.

Company Profile:
Alrosha Tours and Travel Limited is a fully – equipped travel agency that has diverse experience in providing inbound and outbound leisure and business travel to both local and International clients.The company has highly qualified professionals tasked with the duty of attending to our customers travel and leisure needs. We are committed to offering affordable rates to our customers in order to encourage local and international tourism.Alrosha Tours has the expertise in designing unique tours and safaris to satisfy every clients wanderlust.Ever wondered a person who has a desire to travel, go on vacations, adventure, relaxing but still fun is called??? Head to our catalogue to find the wide range of tours and safaris just for you

Products and Service Offered :
  1. Inbound Tours & Outbound Leisure Travel
  2. Executive Car Hire &Transfers
  3. Air Ticketing & Online booking for Safari Packages
  4. International Holiday Packages
  5. Weekend Getaways
  6. Hotel Booking & Reservations
  7. Retreats & Team Building
  8. Travel insurance & Visa Application Services
  9. Inbound and Outbound Packages with Excursions